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  1. Trim, smooth, no reinforcement, 1/4" wide EATR2
  2. Rotax Oil Valve 2450X EACCA-2450X
  3. Angle Adaptor, 90 degree for fuel drain,  ND  EACCA-2470
  4. EATAS100-52 Tanis Preheat system for 912/914 engines

    EATAS100-52 Tanis Preheat system for 912/914 engines


    The Pre-Heat System Includes:
    4x Cylinder Head Heating Elements
    1x Crankcase Heating Element
    1x Oil Tank Heating Pad
    Illustrated Installation Instructions
    Operation and Maintenance Guide
    Log Book Entry
    Three Year Limited Warranty

    Plugs into a 110v outlet
    Can be left plugged in for prolonged periods
    Helps prevent engine damage, and reduce wear during starts in cold weather.
    Call for 230 volt system Includes Tanis bonding sealan Learn More
  5. MS20219-2 Pulley

    MS20219-2 Pulley


    Pulley, 1 3/4" with 1/4" bolt hole Learn More
  6. MS24566-1B 1" pulley

    MS24566-1B 1" pulley


    Pulley, 1" with 3/16" bolt hole Learn More
  7. PFR-500



    Poly-fiber practice kit Learn More

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