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Technical Support

We will provide technical support so that you can get/keep your Rotax Aircraft Engine running happily.  You can get tech support either by phone or by email, but before we get to that, let us offer some information that will make the whole process easier.

The ultimate tech support opportunity is to come to an engine training class that is appropriate to your engine and your skill level.  (see http://training.lockwood.aero/  Folks who have been through the course(s) run into far fewer instances where they need technical assistance.  And when they do need assistance, we are speaking the same language, and their familiarity with the engine makes the whole process much, much faster.  If you are doing much work on these engines, or you are dependent upon the reliability of your own maintenance on an engine with which you plan to get airborne, this is something to seriously consider.

Be familiar with the Rotax documentation.  We have some of those documents on this website.  You can also download all the latest documents at www.flyrotax.com.  You will want to have these documents in your computer or printed out and available when you call.  Our technicians will often be referring to them to make sure you and they are talking about the same components and processes.  It can be very burdensome to get concepts across when you call with no documentation as a reference.  Please don’t do that, either to yourself or to our technicians.

For Phone Support, call (863) 655-5100, between 9am and 10am, and between 2pm and 3pm eastern.

We have technicians standing by, each weekday, between 9am and 10am and between 2pm and 3pm eastern time.  These guys are otherwise busy doing work for customers, so please don’t call at other times – we have to do billable work so we can still be here to help you.  And please don’t get impatient with our receptionists when they tell you the technicians are not available other than during those designated times.

For Email Support, email info@lockwood.aero.

Not everything can be handled well over the phone.  Sometimes we will need to trade photos or diagrams to help you understand how to correct your engine issue.  Emailing your questions to us may make that possible.  On the other hand, not everything can be handled efficiently via email.  If you send us a question, don’t be surprised if we email you back and ask you to call.

Finally, please keep in mind that this is a free service for all Rotax engine customers, and customers who purchase other products from us.  We do it because we have the reputation for being the best and for knowing what we’re talking about.  Please consider giving us your business when you need inspections, repairs, or when you need to purchase components.

If you would like support for propeller, airframe & avionics products that you purchsed elsewhere we will be happy to provide support at our shop rate of $98/hr.  

Have fun and keep your engine well maintained.